Mbokodo Awards 2018


The Mbokodo Awards, an event to recognise women who have shown leadership, fostered growth and made efforts to strengthen the arts


The awards are indeed a unique platform that consolidates the incredible work done by South African women through honouring their immense contribution in the fields of arts and culture. 








Message from the convenor and producer of Mbokodo Awards


The determination to create platforms for women to affirm one another is the reason I stand firm in the belief that the Mbokodo Awards must grow into a movement bigger than just a reward system. It is essential that we ensure a network of women who know that supporting one another in no way diminishes the impact of each woman but it in fact amplifies the ability of women to advance their gains.

The passing of Mama Queeneth Ndaba in the month of women in South Africa, in close proximity to the loss of the Queen of soul Ms Aretha Franklin is a reminder that our work is not done. These feminist icons in arts, both so different yet united in the belief that equality could be attained through a meritorious system that did away with prejudice. Legislatively, this was attained in their time but in the minds of those who struggled to will themselves into the new order- segregation, subjugation and oppression continued with a particular flavour for misogyny!


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