Mbokodo Awards 2015

It's about that time again!!!

Mbokodo Awards 2015 as always will celebrate women of free artistic expression.

The 2015 Mbokodo Awards celebrate and acknowledge women who have not only articulated the aspirations of the South African people but have also fortified their democracy by empowering communities and individuals through their art.

The awards which celebrate women in 20 different categories utilise a peer review mechanism as opposed to a public nomination process to judge the nominees who hail from different parts of the country thus enabling the focus to be on the quality of the work by drawing on a range of diverse experts in the arts, culture and heritage sector.





Message from the convenor and producer of Mbokodo Awards


The Carol Bouwer Productions team is proud to present the fourth installment of the Mbokodo Awards. The arts sector has never been as vibrant as it is today. From provocative images brought to you courtesy of Zanele Muholi’s inquiring mind to banned exhibitions of South African art in the UK, to a walk out by a 16 member strong cast from a much loved local soapie- the world is buzzing with the arts and South Africa is at the heart of the conversation.

We are truly honoured by your presence here tonight and ask that the support you have shown us over the last three years be amplified annually and that you may extend it to others whose primary objective is also to advance the cause of artists and heritage custodians in our beloved country.

Through these Awards we recognize the contribution the women of our country continue to make in the arts, culture and heritage sector...






Message from the Adjudicators


‘Mbokodo Women in the Arts Awards’ recognise the contribution by South African women in the ongoing development of the arts in South Africa. The Awards celebrate women in 19 categories, of different ages, and from all cultural groups including artists with special needs. The Awards are a partnership between the Department of Arts and Culture, Gauteng Province and Carol Bouwer Productions, and are intended to contribute to the process of achieving Social Cohesion in the country, highlighting the role played by women artists in this.


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