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2015 Categories & Nominees

Women in Indigenous Art

This category honours and celebrates women whose work, be it music, painting, handicraft or other form, is created using indigenous materials based on traditional methods and meanings within the context of a given culture. It further recognises those women who might not be artisans themselves but have played a significant role in the promotion and sustainability of this art form.

Promotion of Language and Story Telling

This category highlights efforts used to promote and develop languages through artistic ways, often stretching the language to compel it to introduce new meanings. It rewards women who are giving exposure to under used languages. It further celebrates women who promote traditional ways of disseminating knowledge, wisdom and philosophies. It celebrates the gripping creativity of storytelling.

Creative Writing

This category celebrates fiction and biography authors who demonstrate solid creativity, imagination and originality. It acknowledges writers who are committed to their craft and strive to promote the genre.


This category celebrates published writers and performance poets utilising deep creative imagination and originality. It recognises poets who demonstrate commitment to promoting this art form in a variety of platforms.

Creative Photography

This category celebrates the creative use of photography in original and exciting ways. It honours artists who through subject matter or technique expand the boundaries of their genre.

Visual Arts (Sculpture, Painting and Video)

This category celebrates painters who venture into new frontiers in their work and demonstrate deep imagination and originality. It values artists who explore new methods, subject matter and skills in their work.


This category celebrates innovative architectural and design practice, including exceptional and creative design of homes, offices, and buildings.

Creative Design

This category celebrates innovative design practice, including exceptional and creative design of furniture, and the wide range of objects that add beauty and interest to our living and working spaces.

Fashion Design and Innovation

This category celebrates designers of clothing and accessories whose designs promote and are infused with African sensibilities in an imaginative, striking and original way.


In this category we celebrate classical, popular and traditional dancers and promoters of dance who creatively push the boundaries of their genre into new levels. Whether it is Pantsula, Ballet or any other form, these artists embrace and excel in their chosen genre thus becoming synonymous with the art form itself.


Opera could easily be the most misunderstood art in South Africa; always viewed as foreign. This category celebrates the “pioneers” who ventured into this art form to give it the recognition it deserves within our society.


This category honours women who push the boundaries of the genre and create new and exciting theatre performances of high standards. It also celebrates those who relentlessly and successfully promote this genre.


Comedy has been the domain of men and yet we know how our mothers and sisters make us laugh. This category celebrates the women who take to the stage to make us laugh and demonstrate, in a sustained manner, originality in an art form where women have almost always been the butt of jokes. and the observant eye and sharp tongue of comedians.

Women in Film

Women in Film celebrates women’s contribution to the development of, and on-going participation in, South Africa’s film industry, as producers, writers, directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors and the many other key roles.

Women in Jazz

For a long time jazz was seen as a male domain. This category honours and celebrates women who have entered and contributed significantly to the world of jazz either through their performance, or through their involvement in the management and promotion of Jazz.


The category celebrates musicians who demonstrate a deep commitment to Africa and its traditions, who are original and innovative in their art form. It also recognises leading vocalists and instrumentalists involved in traditional music, other than African, that contributes to the diverse tunes of our nation.

Promotion of Arts in the Media

In a country grappling with profound socio-economic challenges, art and culture are often placed at the periphery of the public discourse. This category celebrates women who, through their work and practice, strive to promote art and publicise its crucial role in building a cohesive society.

Arts Ambassador

The role played by art in the promotion of international relations is crucial. When diplomatic relations are established it is always on economic and cultural grounds. This category celebrates those who promote our creativity worldwide.

Lifetime Achievement Award