Laura Bösenberg

Laura Bösenberg has become a homegrown favorite at Cape Town City Ballet. From the beginning of her career, when she won “Best Newcomer” from the Balletomanes Society, to her more recent honors — the Phyllis Spira Memorial Award and CTCB’s Most Outstanding Female Dancer of the Year 2008

Bösenberg has been recognized and acclaimed as a major talent. Cape Town City Ballet senior principal dancer, she can’t answer the question: “If you weren’t a ballet dancer, what would you be?” She really can’t. “I feel like I’ve never worked a day in my life because I absolutely love what I do. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” she insists.






Mamela Nyamza

Mamela Nyamza is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and activist in South Africa. Nyamza is known for blending styles in a way that challenges traditional standards.

Nyamza has performed nationally and internationally and has choreographed autobiographical, political, and social pieces both on her own and in collaboration with other artists. She draws inspiration from her daily life and her identity as a young, black woman.

Nyamza's abstract dance style allows her to use dance as a way to share both her own personal stories as well as African stories with the world. Additionally, has created various community outreach projects that have helped to spread the positive influence of dance to different communities within South Africa.




Dada Masilo

Dada Masilo grew up in Soweto and received the Standard Bank Young Artist Award. She studied classical and contemporary dance in South Africa, followed by two years in Brussels at PARTS dance school.

Combining her training with the traditions of African dance, she established a unique signature, captivating audiences with reworkings of major classics from the Western dance repertoire. She founded her own company in 2008 and became a celebrity in South Africa, and soon afterward a star on the international scene. She has created a dozen choreographies. Her forthcoming version of Swan Lake features a gay prince, everyone in tutus, mordant humour and strong emotions, and is an explosive fusion of classical and African dance.