Women in Film

Ryley Grunenwald

Ryley Grunenwald is a cinematographer, director and producer, known for The Shore Break (2014), The Dawn of a New Day (2011) and Pinky Pinky (2005).

She has traveled through most of Africa as a film maker. After earning an honours degree in Motion Picture she went on to win a 2009 SAFTA and a 2004 MNET EDiT award for cinematography. In 2010 she won Best Pitch at the Miradasdoc Market for The Dawn of a New Day. The Shore Break, which documents the struggles of a close-knit rural Pondo community to preserve their land and lifestyle, won the best full-length category at the Paris film festival held.






Harriet Gavshon

Harriet Gavshon is an award winning Managing Director for one of South Africa's leading production companies, Quizzical Pictures, which recently produced the successful ‘iNumberNumber’

Harriet Gavshon is an award winning Managing Director for one of South Africa's leading film and television production companies - Quizzical Pictures. Her passion for the industry and commitment to telling rich, relevant stories through quality production saw Harriet winning the Woman of Courage and Vision Crystal Award from Women in Film in 1998. More recently she received an award from the Minister of Arts and Culture for being one of South Africa's premier female artists. Most recently her company produced the successful ‘iNumberNumber’





Terry Pheto

Terry Pheto is well known for her leading role as Miriam in the 2005 Oscar award winning movie Tsotsi.

She was born and raised in Soweto and has featured in many film and television productions since her rise to fame. Films such as Catch a Fire, Goodbye Bafana, Mafrika and Long Walk to Freedom, as well as the TV series Zone 14, Hopeville, Jacob’s Cross and The Bold and the Beautiful. Terry is traversing the film landscape and challenging convention with her recently launched production company Leading Lady. The company’s first film Ayanda and The Mechanic was released in early 2015 and received a special award at the Los Angeles Film Festival.