Message from the convenor and producer of Mbokodo Awards

The Carol Bouwer Productions team is proud to present the third installment of the Mbokodo Awards. The arts sector has never been more vibrant. We close yet another year of having witnessed vibrant works by Mbokodo Award winning Zanele Muholi’s whose Parisian exhibition which was not only a visual triumph but also truly illustrated her curiosity around mixed media as she invited Also Mbokodo award winning poet Napo Masheane to narrate lyrics that embodied the spirit of the images presented! The result- an audio visual feast depicting the Africa we wish for the world to see rather than the one the world tells us we are!..

We are truly honoured to also have the work of our winners endorsed by the Ministry of Women in the Presidency as well as the Department of Arts and Culture. Minister Nathi Mthethwa has had a full programme this year from championing policy to also ensuring national days are observed with by all sectors of our society but most importantly for us- he was an important voice for the sector when our artists were called to their last place of rest as we saw amongst many examples when our much loved Mandoza passed. We add our voices now to say nilale ngoxolo to the many artists who were lost this year and we say till we meet again...

The Mbokodo Awards 2016 are even more poignant as a celebration as they happened in the year that young people made important strides in our nation and I do not wish to ruin the surprise by mentioning how we wish to reflect this, suffice to say that we thought it would also be important to note and the important work UNICEF has done over the last 70 years in protecting and championing the rights of every child. We have invited the South African office to join in our celebrations as well.

2016 saw us launch the Mbokodo Workshop series which seeks to ensure access to the industry for young men and women in the far flung corners of our country! We know that talent makes no distinction of where you come from and to this end it is our duty that we ensure that everyone who wishes to ply their trade as painters, directors, musicians, sculptors, architects and actors etc, gets access to the best mentors in order to ascertain if this is indeed what they wish to study and pursue! I am grateful to these amazingly talented ladies who have availed themselves as mentors for these workshops and the first two have taken place with the vivacious Napo Masheane in Bloemfontein and Qwaqwa! We will roll out the rest in 2017! Thank you Bongi Ndaba, Zamo Mkhize, KB Motsilenyane, Aya Mpama, Linda Bhere and Napo Masheane....

As we do every year, we have many examples of excellence in the different executions of art by the women of South Africa here at the Mbokodo Awards and I cannot wait to unveil them to you on the 08th of December.

The arduous task of judging is done and once again I remain in awe of our artists in all disciplines. South Africa you are rich in talent! Professor Pitika Ntuli thank you for your exemplary leadership- you are truly inspiring and we are all blessed to have your leadership. It would be remiss to not thank the institutions that have assisted with the nominations and of course the other wonderful members of the panel. Ms Shado Twala, Mam Antoinette Ntuli, Ms Lisa Combrinck, you three ladies are the most powerful combination of Mbokodohood and I bow in your honour!!! I wish to also thank our ever strict, ever thorough auditors for always ensuring governance is adhered to at all times. Thank you Ditsebi Auditors, led ably by Mr Kgoaripe Modiko.


I wish to take a moment to thank past Mbokodo Award winners for being positive ambassadors for the awards.

Looking forward to an amazing evening.